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I'm finally able to admit that I won't be able to catch up with what I missed over the holidays. I'm sorry.

If you had joys or tears, I offer hugs.

If you had requests or questions, I offer hugs.

If you've posted fic ... I'm offering hugs until I can get through what seems to be a HUGE list, what with several fests in different fandoms. I'll get there eventually if it's the last thing I do. I'm also aware that it may be the last thing I do. ;)

I hope your year has started well and look forward to sharing the coming year with you all.

Love you lots. <3
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So, 8th Dec release in Australia and I'm TRYING to be patient.  Then a mosquito decided to have a feast on my right foot last night and I made a trip to Coles for the Stingose.  And there it was.  

I swear there was a chorus of angels singing as I spotted it.  I couldn't hand the 25 bucks over fast enough.  Five over the best price I've seen advertised, but I HAD TO HAVE IT!  Someone obviously didn't get the memo about the release date (the Kmart next door did because I checked in case I was going mad).

BUT NOW I'M AT WORK!  D:  I wonder if I could fake the sudden onset of bubonic plague in order to be sent home ....

I had planned to get some study in today, but it's a fair bet that's just not going to happen now.  I think it's almost worse knowing I have it but can't watch D=

Still, YAY!!


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