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My disclaimer is that I totally didn’t think any of this up, I just acted on it, for fun and lack of profit.

This was painted because of this fic by That.Other.Boleyn.Girl. If you haven’t already read these fics, then just go and do it. I’m totally in awe of the feelings these fics inspire – that’s some talent people. This is the pic I’m happiest with in terms of colour (though I have many other things to bitch about it).  ;)
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I was also relatively happy with the heat-haze effect I got with this one, but that’s probably just me knowing what I was going for.

Painting nothing was actually very hard. I wanted to add in a little spinafex, at the very least (no), tyre tracks (nup, erased by the wind, footprints the same). Perhaps the effects of the wind that blows them away? Even in the most sterile dessert that makes texture and shapes. Nope, this wasn’t a real desert, it’s a desert of Arthur’s mind and soul. There’s nothing but (red) dust. My attempts at including the abandoned car were laughable. ;)

In the end I just focused on the lack of interesting, the weight of the heat, sapping all will. Then the inability to act, regardless. There’s nothing really left but the certainty of no-way-out, pointless oppression and the utter desolation that lack of control can invoke. Mostly the desolation.

These pics are 12 & 14 of 16 I painted. When I had the colours in some and the texture in others, I could see putting them together, but by then I was already 16 pics in and I was over the hump. I guess there’s only so much desolation one can paint when one’s mood isn’t really so desolate. ;)

I haven’t picked up a brush since before the first week of November last year (I was really-very-sick, so it’s a convenient milestone). Back when I did it a lot, I painted concepts, not specifics. That’s probably why it was the imagery that kept building in my head. I kept thinking about it to the point where I didn’t even create a space, I just laid some newspaper on the table and grabbed my paints. I can’t thank That.Other.Boleyn.Girl enough for making that happen after so long. WOW! Just scrubbing paint from ‘round my fingernails felt so GOOD. Thank you!!!


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